from sheffield, currently residing in edinburgh to study illustration as a degree

BIts of plants i liked the look of yes. Pencil crayon.

Messy Biro sketch of Brixham Harbour

A page for a zine (which will be greyscale) me and my foundation mates are putting together. Just a mix of my stuff i shoved together. 

Some sketches from my trip to Spain.

Flying at night is really beautiful - this was the view from my window seat whilst flying to spain. 


I like to sketch a lot cos i study illustration - here are some lovely boats I sketched whilst in Whitby! 

everybody look i did this thing and it got posted and yay

scribble n tree

dandelion flower

flowers and nettles

more doggies 

little observational doggies yey

Sea and lighthouses in Whitby - i don’t own a green pencil crayon so that’s why the landscape is red.

People on the beach, paddling n stuff.

Sketchbook pages from out and about in Whitby.

Whitby Abbey

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